Curriculum Corner

Welcome to our Curriculum Corner. Please visit this page to get updates on curriculum being used in the classroom and links to helpful sites for both Math, Literacy, and Science/Social Studies.
This year we have a new Math Pilot, Ready Common Core Mathematics.

i-Ready Online Math Practice Login for HOME:

Our i-Ready online math practice is:

You will see “Salem Keizer School District 24j” at the top of the screen. Students will click on “Log in with Active Directory” and then enter their user name and password, just like they do at school. 

 The lessons are customized to each student’s independent math level based on the diagnostic assessment that all students took this fall. The online lessons provide a consistent lesson structure and build conceptual understanding, in addition to being engaging and fun for learners of all levels.

Please take time to visit the links for Math, Literacy, and Science/Social Studies as we will add resources for families.